Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Best Thing

Want to know teh best thing about beings dead? No sleep. Well and that I can see again that's nice too. But to be able to go without sleep is such a better use of my time. Only now the irony is hitting me. Before I was blind I'd play video games until I was blind or passed out. There's only so much time you can stare at a screen before your eyes go. After I was blind I'd just play by feel until I passed out. Now that I'm dead I could in theory play on infinitely. But I have no games except Tetris.

As for being able to see... I was blind for three years before I died. Sight is a little overrated when you have the Force. After all those "don't trust your eyes, use your instincts" lessons it isn't all that hard to just pretend that you're always wearing a blindfold. In fact it's better because people stop commenting on the fact that you're wearing lime green boots with hot orange pants and an electric blue top. Why those don't "match" I still don't understand but my Padawan assured me they don't. She asked me if I was trying to make the rest of the Temple go blind too.

A third good thing about being dead: no clothes. I'm invisible I don't need them. Though it does cut down on the thrill of streaking through the Temple. Perhaps Master Windu should try it sometime. If he does others might stop complaining about him going commando. But hopefully if he does try it I'll be somewhere else that day. Like the Unkown Regions. Though I'm pretty sure the screams would be audible from there.

Until next time.... WHEEE!!eleveneleven

T 4 1-1 1_ out


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