Saturday, July 16, 2005


I've come across an interesting quiz in several and have decided to share my answers.

A- Alien vaccinations: Five types of flu, Talasea skin rash, Garqi cough, and 14 types of fungus
B- Best game: toss up between Halo and Rogue.
C- Current living space: I found this neat janitor's closet and I've been stocking it MT Dew
D- Doorbell ringtone: Addams Family theme
E- Easiest class: CS 121 (Word for Dummies)
F- Favorite soda: Mounatain Dew
G- Games: Tetris
H- Hobby: Lurking
I- Invaluable advice: Mustard is not a substitute for mayonaise.
J- Just a little vinegar goes a very long way
L- Last watched movie: The Matrix
M- Most used piece of equipment: towel
O- Operating System: Windows XP
P- Perfect temperature: 50 degrees fahrenheit
Q- Quote: "All the world is a game and the men and women merely players." Sam Hughes
R- RTM: A last resort.
S- Song you sang last: "Bloody Well Right"
T- Time it takes to eat breakfast: none
U- Unknown fact about me: I played with Barbies as a child. Some say this is where my violent tenndencies began.
V- Victories: Fill-it, Halo, Javanoid, Cubis, Hearts, Spider Solitaire, Commander Keen
W- Where's the Food: Check behind the mops.
X- X: Marks the spot.
Y - Years since you've been breathing?: Something like 20. Not quite sure though.
Z- Zots: Disgusting.

I'm not sure I followed the rules. But it was fun.

T 4 1-1 1_ out


Blogger jedisiri said...

'bloodly well right'oh it's really bloodly well right!

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