Monday, July 18, 2005

Messed up on the nose a bit Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of me before and after my death. Someday i may scrape together the money for PhotoShop but until that day comes... I think the PhotoStudio and Microsoft Office Picture Manager are strong with me. Or something like that.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005


I've come across an interesting quiz in several and have decided to share my answers.

A- Alien vaccinations: Five types of flu, Talasea skin rash, Garqi cough, and 14 types of fungus
B- Best game: toss up between Halo and Rogue.
C- Current living space: I found this neat janitor's closet and I've been stocking it MT Dew
D- Doorbell ringtone: Addams Family theme
E- Easiest class: CS 121 (Word for Dummies)
F- Favorite soda: Mounatain Dew
G- Games: Tetris
H- Hobby: Lurking
I- Invaluable advice: Mustard is not a substitute for mayonaise.
J- Just a little vinegar goes a very long way
L- Last watched movie: The Matrix
M- Most used piece of equipment: towel
O- Operating System: Windows XP
P- Perfect temperature: 50 degrees fahrenheit
Q- Quote: "All the world is a game and the men and women merely players." Sam Hughes
R- RTM: A last resort.
S- Song you sang last: "Bloody Well Right"
T- Time it takes to eat breakfast: none
U- Unknown fact about me: I played with Barbies as a child. Some say this is where my violent tenndencies began.
V- Victories: Fill-it, Halo, Javanoid, Cubis, Hearts, Spider Solitaire, Commander Keen
W- Where's the Food: Check behind the mops.
X- X: Marks the spot.
Y - Years since you've been breathing?: Something like 20. Not quite sure though.
Z- Zots: Disgusting.

I'm not sure I followed the rules. But it was fun.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


(Credit to Captain Typho for inadvertantly jumpstarting this idea so I'm posting five days early.)

I ran out of Mt. Dew days ago and I'm bored. I've tried to do all the things that used to keep me occupied but lightsabre sparring by yourself will only go so far and my games are gone. So I started doing odd things like streaking in the Temple. But after the novelty wears off it's no fun because there's no reaction. Then I tried visiting the Council chamber. They're the strongest in the Force surely they'll notice me, right? Wrong! I just stood around for a couple days listening to them deliberate if it can be called that. Is it really necessary to give three hours of thought on whether to order green jello or red jello for the younglings' snacktime? And how did a conversation about the Separatist movements on the Rim turn into Hello Kitty vs. Carebears? Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I mooned all of them. (Yes I did wear my blue glowy robes in there in case someone did see me.) I thought I might have finally gotten through to someone when Master Yoda said he felt a disturbance in the Force. My bubble was burst when Master Mundi passed gas.

So I left in anger and headed to the most soothing place on the planet, the Jedi Archives. At first I just puttered around. A couple games of solitaire, a few rounds of Rogue, read up on some forums, and then I got bored with that. I thought it would be funny to send prank messages to the Senate. And that's how several threatening messages ended up in various Senatorial inboxes. I didn't for the unscary ones either. Nothing like "we've been watching you," or "if you don't vote yes then you'll never see your spouse again." I went for the REALLY scary messages like "UR TOAST IZ BURNT AND NO AMOUNT OF SCRAPING WILL REMOV3 THE BLACK STUFF" and "UR BR4IN IS A MT OF H4TR3D." Then Anakin crashed the network with pr0n sites. Ugh! I was just about to move onto the Generals and their Chiefs of Staff too. But I guess that can wait until the server comes back online. I added extra hops so if anyone tracks it back it should take them a really long time. *giggles*

Beware of flaming jello shots from the younglings,

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Best Thing

Want to know teh best thing about beings dead? No sleep. Well and that I can see again that's nice too. But to be able to go without sleep is such a better use of my time. Only now the irony is hitting me. Before I was blind I'd play video games until I was blind or passed out. There's only so much time you can stare at a screen before your eyes go. After I was blind I'd just play by feel until I passed out. Now that I'm dead I could in theory play on infinitely. But I have no games except Tetris.

As for being able to see... I was blind for three years before I died. Sight is a little overrated when you have the Force. After all those "don't trust your eyes, use your instincts" lessons it isn't all that hard to just pretend that you're always wearing a blindfold. In fact it's better because people stop commenting on the fact that you're wearing lime green boots with hot orange pants and an electric blue top. Why those don't "match" I still don't understand but my Padawan assured me they don't. She asked me if I was trying to make the rest of the Temple go blind too.

A third good thing about being dead: no clothes. I'm invisible I don't need them. Though it does cut down on the thrill of streaking through the Temple. Perhaps Master Windu should try it sometime. If he does others might stop complaining about him going commando. But hopefully if he does try it I'll be somewhere else that day. Like the Unkown Regions. Though I'm pretty sure the screams would be audible from there.

Until next time.... WHEEE!!eleveneleven

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Post!!!!111

W00t!! I'm in the ether. It took a long time but I got here. That last boss was a doozy. I'm Jedi Knight Tahl for those of you who couldn't guess by my name. My intern has told me to keep "the 1337 to a minimum." When I asked her why she gave some bogus answer about readers having no patience to deal with it. And she also wants my language to be kid friendly. I wanted to know what that meant so she said and I quote, "If you'd say it on XBL then don't say it here." Then she went off muttering something about script kiddies and wannabes. This site wouldn't even let me enter my name as T 4 1-1 1_. Well instead of ones I had pipes. What is up with that?

So I'm here and there's someone I'm going to track down. Qui-Gon Jinn had better have a good reason for standing me up. I tell him that I'm going to wait for him and what does he do?! He finds some way to hang around the living. I broke 42 Republic laws for him (you didn't think I got him and his apprentice all that info by googling it did you?) and he stands me up! He's been dead for over a decade already. I finally find a way back to my consciousness and I find that my Padawan has sold my Atari, my Xbox, my PS I and II, my Gamecube and my PC. Luckily she missed the Gameboy. She sold most of the Game boy cartridges though. All but one in fact. *starts humming Tetris theme*

Until next time,

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